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Dermal Fillers

What are Dermal Fillers?

Collagen and hyaluronic acid are found naturally in the body and ensure that skin looks smooth and supple. Dermal fillers composed of hyaluronic acid are available for treatment of lips, wrinkles and folds. Areas that are usually treated include around the eyes, nose, mouth and between the eyebrows. Fullness may also be restored to the lips.

Is it safe?

The product is similar to the hyaluronic acid found in your body. It is integrated into the skin as one of its own constituents. Over time it biodegrades leaving no side effects.

What’s involved?

Fillers are injected into the skin, which lifts up wrinkles and adds volume to the dermal layer. The treatment process consists of several injections using a very fine needle and is normally complete within 1 hour. The effect is instant, usually lasting between 6 to 12 months.

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Who benefits from dermal filler treatment?

As with botulinum, this treatment benefits both men and women. The areas treated will enhance an overall youthful appearance.

Examples of treatment with Dermal Filler