Facial Treatment at Castle Gate Surgery

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Free Consultation

Initial Consultation

Please contact the surgery for your free initial consultation.

Questions you may wish to ask:

  • Written information regarding treatment options and safety factors.
  • Anesthetic alternatives, specifically which form is most appropriate for the required treatment.
  • Possible side-effect, allergic reactions and post-treatment complications.
  • What follow-up and aftercare is available. Who would be contacted, if there is a query/concern
  • Post-treatment after care advice.
  • How long will the effects of the treatment last.
  • Questions we will ask you:
  • A medical history will be required, to determine treatment suitability. This will include: allergy/sensitivity to any medicines, bruise easily, history of allergy or cold sores, or pregnancy or breast-feeding at the time of seeking treatment.
  • Ascertain expectations.
  • We will also discuss treatment costs with you. Before treatment commences a clear idea of expected treatment outcomes should be achieved, including the price guide.